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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Macro, Dawg.

Okay you're thinking why are these Legos and bunnies and eggs on here. Well, guess what? I learned macro! The power went out in our neighbourhood and I played with the camera for a while, because I was bored and it was raining too. These pictures are just things that are around our house. By the way, I made a story at school. Here it is:

My Snow Day, by Slapshot

On a cold snowy day, I called my friends for a perfect snow day. When they came over, I said "Let's build a fort!" And one of them said, "Okay!" The other one said, "Let's do it!"

When we were finished, we had a snowball fight. When they had to go home, I said, "Bye! This really was the perfect snow day."



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